After the trying and difficult year that has ensued we take the opportunity to thank Godwin Witten and its staff for the thoroughly professional management of our property in Edmonton.


We particularly extend our thanks to Cindy Kadunc and Jenny Sheppard for their extensive assistance and commitment throughout the year - truly valuable employees.

T & B Finney

“Hi Jenny thank you for being an awesome Property Manager, they need more kind people like you in your industry, wishing you all the best”

S. Bishop

I was impressed with the professionalism and quality service provided by Godwin Witten Realty: competent, reliable and attentive to customer needs. Jennifer and Alex, it was a pleasure dealing with you.

A Read

“Thank you very much. I have been beyond happy with your company. You are all so good to your clients and have made my rental experience a really good one. I always encourage people I know looking for rental to go through Godwin Witten”

L. Grainger, Kewarra Beach

Thank you for being the best property manager, I really appreciate your patience with my endless questions and incredible professionalism! I felt really valued as a tenant and appreciate that any issues I raised were addressed quickly through your engaging reliable and trustworthy tradies.

Cindy Price, Bayview Heights

Hi Margaret,

Thanks a lot, it was a great experience to have that nice flat, and renting it from you. If I come back to Cairns, and would love to do it, I will definitely contact you, thanks for your great job.

J Chavarriaga

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks again for everything. I have dealt with a lot of real estate’s over the past few months and your customer service and willingness to help me get a home has made such a positive impact.

E. Robb

Hi Jennifer, Thankyou for all your help & ongoing kindness, we sincerely appreciated your understanding through our hardships in looking for a rental property.

E Florian

Hi Jennifer


I’m just writing this email to  personally thank you so much for all you hard work and communication throughout our application process for this property. Your customer service has been outstanding and we can't thank you enough, Justin and I both look forward to being great tenants for the Godwin Witten Realty Team! 

S Lamberton and J Wilson-Finn

I wish to acknowledge and thank the service of your staff and in particular Cindy Kadunc.

Cindy had taken over and was the property manager for my unit in Freshwater.
I sold my unit in May of this year.

All of the staff I have dealt with over the years have been pleasant.
I thought Cindy was very professional and very helpful in looking after my property. And took great care in selecting the tenants.

Her liaison with the Tenants was great. I should have said thank you much earlier, my thoughts were elsewhere, as I got engaged at Christmas and married a month ago.

T Kelly

“I had been staying at my mums 2 bedroom unit sharing 1 room with my 4 kids. desperately searching and applying for a home for us for 2 years and was finding it very difficult and disheartening. I gave up for a while, multiple times over the 2 years and tried again. Until i came to godwin witten with an application and told jennifer my situation. My application didnt get approved, but jennifer went out of her way to help me out, she rang me the next day and said "i have a property being viewed today and i want you to see it!!" I thought 'this is very out of the ordinary, for real estate agents to chase me up', i went to the inspection and my application was reprocessed and i waited anxiously.... i got a call and i finally got approved!!! I couldnt explain how overjoyed i was!!! My children now have a home and we are soooo happy and comfortable here!!! Thankyou jennifer and godwin witten crew!!! If it werent for you calling me about this house, i would have missed this oppurtunity!!!

Much much thanks!!!”

A Long

A Long

Thank you for all of your help yesterday and please pass onto all the girls my thanks for  all the assistance and smiles. 

Your prompt and efficient response to my enquiry,  professionalism and service made the processing of securing the property seamless.  Everyone I met with at your office couldn't help me enough and made the entire process a joy.  After buying and selling real estate for the last 30 years, your team was way ahead in efficiency, product knowledge and professionalism compared to the other agents.

Thank you again and kind regards.

M. Trueman, Tenant